How Can My Jawline And Chin Be Reshaped?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I feel that I have a slightly vertically long chin and a prominent jawline. My chin lengthens when I smile. From my profile however, my chin does not seem to have much projection and is slightly receding. A year ago I had a jawline and chin contour but I feel my results are minimal at best. I am consulting with you because I am looking for an expert opinion and what realistically can be done.

A: Often in chins that are retrusive, they are also vertically long because of the backward rotation of the entire mandible. (jaw) This would account for your chin lengthening when you smile but yet it looking too short in profile. I don’t know what type of chin and jawline contouring you had done but I would think your issue is improveable by a ‘redistribution’ issue as opposed to a completely reduction approach. (taking away bone with this nine shape would likely produce no substantial change in its appearance) It would seem that if your chin bone is brought forward and vertically shortened at the same time (angled sliding genioplasty) that would be the correct bony reshaping needed to address what the problem really is. I would envision no more than a 5mm chin advancement but a 5mm vertical shortening as well.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana