How Can My Jaw Line Get That Classic Male Model Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have an acquaintance who recommends your work and I very much look forward to seeing your ‘predict my face’ response and getting work done in the near future. I am looking to significantly increase the masculinity of my face by doing dramatic work on my jaw, chin, and lower third of my face. I am looking for the classic, masculine hollywood jawline. I also seem to be carrying some buccal fat that’s obscuring my jawline and cheekbone structure. I was wondering if you feel that if I lost some significant body fat if I would look noticeably better.

A: I have done some imaging based on chin and jawline/angle changes I believe you are looking for which is a more pronounced jawline from one side to the other. You do have a horizontally short chin with some vertical deficicieny as well. Because of your ethnicity, you do have larger masseter muscles and adequate vertical jaw angle length. In the imaging I have done the changes that I think will result from a square chin implant (8 to 10mms in projection) and 7mm lateral jaw angle implants. In an ideal world the chin and jaw angle implants would be connected as a solid implant but that would require custom implants made off of a 3-D model. In lieu of that effort, a three-piece off-the-shelf implant approach could be used. The fundamental difference between the two approaches is that there would not be a smooth and built-out jawline between the chin and the jaw angles.

Lastly, I would agree that a buccal lipectomy would be a nice complement to the jawline changes as it provides a concave facial contour between the cheek and the jawline…a classic male model look if you will.

Dr. Barry Eppley