How Can My Jaw Augmentation Be Fixed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, recently I had jaw augmentation and lipectomy. Its uneven and asymmetrical. Obviously nothing is perfect but I expected better. I am interested in your chin augmentations for a better jaw line as well as possible wrap around full custom augmentation. I look forward to speaking with you about these revisions. The liposuction isnt aggressive enough and the implants are sligtly off as I said before. I should have traveled to you first. I am interested in a face time consult with you. As you can see the left jaw angle is different that the right and the liposuction needs to more even and closer around the bone. Hopefully a chin implant and small revisions can accomplish a strong even jawline where the bone line is visible.  I don’t know how the doctor I went to has the credentials he has as he is satisfied with this procedure. I wish I came to see you first. I just wanted a defined jawline and facial definition not an asymmetrical nightmare.  

A: Thank you for sending your pictures and telling your surgical story. I don’t have the advantage of knowing what you looked like before surgery or exactly what implants were placed. You mentioned that you had ‘jaw augmentation’ but that can mean different things. My assumption was that you had chin and jaw angle implants placed separately (three separate implants)?? If this is so one has to realize that a smooth even jawline that connects the front and the back (chin to jaw angles) is never going to be possible as, even if the implant wings overlap, these are the thinnest sections of the implants. Thus there will always be a ‘dip’ in the middle of the jawline. Only a custom wrap around jawline implant which is made to augment the entire jawline can accomplish that effect. That is the one trade-off for having three separate implants.

However, your description of jaw augmentation may also only be that you had jaw angle implants only. Again they only come so far forward so there is going to be a drop off in the jawline as it approaches the chin. The main complication with jaw angle implants is asymmetry. It is very hard to get perfectly symmetric jaw angles with implants. Symmetric placement is difficult and most people do not have symmetric jaw angles initially. That combination leads to a high rate of jaw angle implant asymmetry.

I would need more information as to exactly what implants you have in place.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana