How Can My Fractured Brow Bones Be Fixed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hello! 6 months ago i have a kick direct in to my forehead glabellar bone, and even now i have some times pain in the hole inward in my forehead. Please, I need help with that, i am from Romania and here the doctors recommend me lifting mods for be cheapest. But the pain, and even blocked sinuses some times, are knockin me down most when i try to sleep, or do sport, or i go outside when are much than 77 degrees Fahrenheit. More than that the hole also make me feel uncomfortable sometimes about esthetically. I write this message with the hope can you help me, after i see all the results of you work on this website page. Thanks for the time accorded to read. 

A:If I understand your situation correctly you probably have an inwardly displaced fracture of your frontal sinuses (brow bones) creating a depressed dent in the glabellar region as well as a sinus blockage. I would need to see some pictures of your forehead to confirm. But the treatment would be frontal sinus fracture repair, most likely using a cranial bone graft.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana