How Can My Facial Profile Be Made Less Convex?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hi, I’m a female with a fairly prominent brow and small, receding forehead I’d like to improve. My face as a whole is convex rather than flat: Can the areas outside my eyes be “filled?” How would forehead augmentation affect deep wrinkles? Thank you!

A: Thank you for sending the edited picture. What I see is a mildly recessed forehead and a very recessed chin. The combination of the two is why your facial profile is convex. I have done some imaging for a forehead augmentation (not brow) and a chin osteotomy or sliding genioplasty. Your chin is too short for an implant and it also needs some vertical lengthening as well as bringing it horizontally forward. Also forehead augmentation usually will soften deep horizontal wrinkles as the skin is stretched out by the underlying material expansion.

Dr. Barry Eppley