How Can My Facial Asymmetry From Plagiocephaly Be Improved?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m contacting you as I am seeking some comments from yourself in relation to what I suspect is either unilateral coronal synostosis or plagiocephaly. Given the nature of the problems I present I am not to comfortable with sending photographs

If I were to describe my observable problems I would summarize them as follows:

1.       Slight right-sided anterior ear displacement (very obvious asymmetry of the ears)

2.       Mild right-sided occipital flattening

3.       Frontal bossing with excessive protuberance of the upper portion of the squama frontalis over the supraorbital margin – slight right to left cant with the right being more forward

4.       Vertical orbital dystopia – right side slightly higher than the left (I would say the entire zygomatico-orbital bone complex on the right is higher as I have an asymmetry and protuberance in the zygoma region)

5.       Nasal root deviation to the right with deviated septum to the right (What I mean by this is that the entire nasal bone pyramid complex is off to the right)

6.       Chin deviation to the left

7.       Asymmetry in the vertical height of the mandible – left side is higher than the left

8.       Uneven cheek fullness – slightly greater degree of fullness on the right side.

9.       Malocclusion – no functional occlusal contact left side and buccal crossbite right side in centric relation, posterior bilateral open bite in centric occlusion. Mandibular mid-symphysis deviates slightly to the right in centric relation, and slightly to the left in centric occlusion. Left condyle is both posterior and superior in the mandibular fossa compared the right.  There is a slight transverse cant of the maxillary occlusal plane observable in frontal view, which gets more significant as you approach the region of which is inclined.

If I were to describe my visual appearance in worm-eye view I would say that there is a slight twisted effect to the skull from right to left, as can be seen looking at the frontal bone and the supraorbital margin, the nose, the zygoma’s, and the mandible.

I have looked at some photos of myself as a child and it seems quite apparent to me that I had a slight degree of vertical orbital dystopia. I do not believe however that I had the “harlequin eye” deformity looking at these photos.  

Do you have any comments or advice, and what treatments may be available to tackle my asymmetry?
A: Your description is fairly classic for this deformational type of skull deformity. Usually the best camouflage approach is to level out the chin and jawline by osteotomy/implant, correction of lower orbital dystopia by cheek augmentation, building up the floor of the eye and adjusting the ipsilateral lateral canthus and possible brow bone contouring. Rhinoplasty to straighten a deviated nose may also be useful. If the ear sticks out on the more anteriorly positioned side, an otoplasty may also be done. Usually I leave the occipital skull deformity alone unless it is really flat.

Dr. Barry Eppley