How Can My Facial Asymmetry From Plagiocephaly Be Improved?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am struggling with plagiocephaly, to be more specific, one side of my face is significantly protruding, which affects almost every aspect that would be responsible for the symmetry of my face, it is rather complex, since it is causing a correlation of many smaller problems that lead to assymetry not only in my eyes, but also nose, forehead, jaw, cheek bones, temple region, eye socket. Is there a possibility to harmonize my face by implants or bone, skin removal, autologous fat injection? 

I went through bimaxillary osteotomy surgery already, but since the doc focused on functionality rather than aesthetics, i am satisfied with the side profile, but definetly not with frontal symmetry, it is hard to compare for me but i have the feeling this surgery worsened my frontal symmetry even more….

A: Plagiocephaly is well known to affect the face with protrusive asymmetries on the ipsilateral side. Like all facial asymmetries the critical question is which side of the face is preferred regardless of the pathology behind the differences. Also it is important to recognize that augmentation improvements usually produce more substantial changes that reductive procedures.

That being said the most meaningful piece of information beside your pictures is a 3D CT scan in the treatment planning process.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon