How Can My Ears Be Made To Look More Symmetric?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have two different sized ears, my right ear is undesirably larger and protruded and my left ear is smaller and oddly pointed at the top. I would like to have the right ear’s shape corrected as well as brought inwards and the left ear reshaped. Basically both ears to look the same and not protrude, thanks. I have attached picture of my ears so you can see what I mean.

A: In looking at your ears and taking measurements, the vertical height of both ears is identical. So neither ear is actually larger than the other. The only issue that I see with the right ear is that it protrudes a bit. The left ear has a deformity known as a Stahl’s ear (Spock ear) where it is pointy due to an abnormal cartilage fold on the back of the ear. This gives the ear a point at the top portion of the helix. Your ears can be made more symmetric by a setback otoplasty on the right ear, bringing it closer to the side of the head, and a cartilage reshaping procedure on the left ear. I suspect the left ear needs to be brought in somewhat as well.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana