How Can My Cut Off Jaw Angles Be Restored?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I went to Asia and had mandible angle jaw reduction. Now my face looks deformed with a protruding bulging area as well as indented area on my jaw line. Please can you have a look at my attached images. I now have  CT scans. Please let me know what you think has happened. I need help and just don’t understand what has happened. The surgeon in Asia was suppose to only cut the posterior jaw angles off to get rid of the square jaws. However, something has gone wrong and I really need help. Please see my CT scans, I would really appreciate you giving me an idea of what might have happened. (I may need some kind of jaw implants for a corrective surgery. However, it is alright with me if you are not happy to give me a corrective surgery as I understand most doctors don’t like doing corrective surgeries. ) I’m trying to find out what might have happened from my previous surgery /jaw angle reduction, and I don’t understand the  CT scan. ) I would appreciate any help as I really need help.

A: What happened to your jawline is very simple. They cut off the angles completely. The bump you see on the jawline is the front end of the cut where it is not smooth with the rest of the jawline. The indented area is the loss of bone support for the soft tissues from the removal of the jaw angles. You are a classic example of why the jaw angle reduction with an amputation technique is usually not a good operation. It would be better to have a lateral shave of the jaw angles so the bony support is not completely lost. Restoration will require some form of a jaw angle implant that provides vertical length but no width.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana