How Can My Chin Ptosis Be Fixed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had my chin burred down and jaw implants put in ten years ago. Worst decision of my life as my face was asymmetrical and the implants accentuated my asymmetry.

Biggest issue is my Chin Ptosis. I ended up with lip incompetence , severe lower teeth show, flat mentolabial fold and droopy chin.

I am in a desperate situation and I feel aging is making things worse. Been very self conscious about my chin for the past 10 years.

Was currently considering going to South Korea to see a maxillofacial who can help me with my asymmetry and Chin Ptosis until I stumbled upon your name several times . I felt it was a sign to contact you first.

Please take a look at my pics.

A: Thank you for sending your pictures and detailing your surgical history. Any time the chin is burred down for reduction, particularly if done intraorally, chin ptosis will always result. It is not a question of whether chin ptosis will occur but how severe it will be. 

Correction of chin ptosis in the face of lower lip incompetence must resuspend the soft tissue chin pad upward. But this will not be successful unless there is a ‘ledge’ to help hold it up. Whether that is from the placement of an implant or from moving the chin bone forward, the soft tissue chin pad needs support.

While chin ptosis correction can also be done by a submental tuck from below that risk making the lower lip incompetence worse. That approach should only be used when good lower lip position and competence exists.

Given what you have been through and to be more thoughtful in any further efforts, the next step is to get a 3D CT scan of your lower jaw/face. It is time to see what the actual bony anatomy looks like as well as any implants therein.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana