How Can My Chin Be Reshaped To Fit The Rest Of My Face?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I am possibly going to have a chin reduction. Here is my serious concerns. I have a very thin face with hollow cheeks. My forehead is large and my chin is small. The problem is I have a projected or jutted out chin which is very pointy, especially when I smile. I have a very strong jaw line, and I just want to to get rid of the witch’s chin look but keep the exact same frontal look. I cannot afford to have my chin shortened. I want a softer look, but I am terrified that I am in for serious dissapointment. If I did this, I would want to do the submental approach and the burring teqnique because I don’t have a long chin. It seems safer, and by your articles it seems I may be correct. I want a softer, more feminine look without making my face look any thinner, and the projection gone. Is this possible?

A: Thank you for sending your inquiry and your pictures. I would take a slightly different approach to your chin. In the frontal view your chin is very square for a female and it needs tubercle reduction (side chin reduction) to soften it. From the side view, it needs some slight horizontal reduction and soft tissue tightening. I would not do any vertical length reduction. You need the length to fit the rest of your face.

This chin reduction procedure is best done, as you have mentioned, from the submental approach to manage the excess soft tissues that will result.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana