How Can My Buried Penis Problem Be Fixed?

Q: Dr. Eppley,  I am 57 years old and have just discovered that my hidden penis condition can be treated and improved. I have suffered through my teenage years and adulthood with the taunts  in gym and the odd looks of women when I could of had something done about it! Doctors told me that I was OK and said that some men have an inee and others have an outee. I knew that something wasn”t right. My folks and the doctors back then could circumsize me, but they couldn’t fix this! While most of my sex life has passed me by at this point, I’d still like to look normal before I die.

A:  While having either an inner or an outie may be normal for the appearance of the bellybutton, it definitely is not normal for penile exposure. The buried and hidden penis is often a developmental condition that can become apparent early as a child or in the teenager years. It is caused by a tethered or retracted penis that is often accompanied by a larger surrounding suprapubic mound. This combination can frequently result in partial or complete coverage of the penis. While a majority of buried penis cases do occur  in males that are overweight, it is not exclusively so. This penile problem can be improved by a combination urologic and plastic surgery approach. The buried penis needs to be released while the suprapubic fat mound needs to be reduced by liposuction with or without a suprapubic lift. While there are some cases where suprapubic mound reduction alone is sufficient, most long-standing cases in adults benefits by dealing with both anatomic issues.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana