How Can My Breast Implant Rippling Be Improved?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have severe breast implant rippling. I had saline implants placed ten years ago. They were ok but then I had a baby and now there is severe rippling. I was thin to begin with but now have little breast tissue left. Rippling is bad on top of my breasts, even when standing straight. Recently found a mass of thicker tissue below and slightly off center of my left nipple. It looks a little puffy in the mirror. Ultrasound reveals normal breast tissue, but slight bump on implant below lump. What are my options for improvement of the appearance of my breasts?

A: Between being thin, having had breast implants for a period of time and then having a baby, you have lost most of your breast tissue and the natural rippling of saline implants has become evident. This can become really significant if the implants are above the muscle.With little breast tissue scar tissue around the valve can make it appear as a lump. Significant improvement of the rippling can only be done by changing the implants to silicone, trying to thicken the tissue interface between the skin and the implants by fat injections or allogeneic dermal grafts or both.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana