How Can Lower Cheek Fat Be Reduced?

Q: Dr. Eppley, What type of procedure may work to reduce lower cheek fat. I have gotten filler in my cheeks, but it made no difference. I would prefer non surgical. I provided two photos for you to view, one at rest and one smiling. As you can see the smiling photo shows the problem I would like addressed.

A: In my experience the only effective method for reducing lower cheek fullness is microliposuction of the perioral mounds and down into the jowl area. I know of no non-surgical treatment that would have a thinning effect in this facial area. Nor am I surprised that filling up the cheeks would help this concern. It would not be improved by such a diversionary maneuver. Whether enough reduction can be obtained by the procedure can not be predicted beforehand, particularly in the thinner face where the fat layer is not excessive. But in my experience I have seen more successful perioral mound liposuction results than not even in thinner patients with no overly round faces.

Patients often confuse the location of the buccal fat pad which causes upper cheek fullness fullness with the perioral mound area that sits lower in the more superficial lower cheek area.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana