How Can I Revise My Chin Implant To Look More Square?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in a chin implant revision. I had a silicone chin implant a few years ago which was terrible and looked awkward. So 1 year ago I replaced it with a Medpor chin implant which is no doubt much much better than that original nightmare. But this Medpor chin implant does not look rigid as opposed to silicone. It looks more like a “U” shape instead of “V” shape. The edges are not sharp as opposed to the famous MB picture either. So what is your suggestion, is it possible to add some medpor cuts to the edges to make it look more sharp do you think? Or is it a common issue with all Medpor chin implants? Thanks a lot for your great experience and knowledge.

A: The success of any chin implant to create a specific chin shape is not material based. It depends on the shape of the implant and the thickness of the overlying soft tissues and underlying bone shape. You did not state what style of Medpor chin implant you have which would be helpful to know. But Medpor implants in general are thicker and ‘bulkier’ than most silicone implants because the material from which it is made is machined into shape rather than poured into a mold like silicone.

The ideal chin shape image you are showing is more of a square shape unlike yours which is more circular and long. Whether your existing chin implant can be shaped into that form would depend on knowing what shape and thickness your existing implant is. It certainly could be improved but tot what degree can not predicted without further information. Medpor implants are generally bulky and some improvement in its form can usually be obtained by giving it a more angular shape.

I would point out that shaping an indwelling chin implant has its limitations based on the existing incision length and access to it. It is often better to place/replace an implant that has been shaped before it is put in with the dimensions that one wants.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana