How Can I Restore My Lost Love Band?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had 2 really big love bands before I had a lower eyelid surgery. I had little extra skin under my eyes and just wanted to look refreshed and the surgeon removed the extra skin and said she also did fat transpostioning. I now still have a big love band under my eyelashes on one eye but the other eye barely has one now and I was hoping to get my love band back on that eye too. I seen you do the love bands with fat transfer and was interested in it. I got filler in my tear troughs hoping it would make my eyes look better but it actually made them look worse because I have lumps of filler in my tear troughs so I plan on dissolving the filler in my tear troughs soon. I sent a picture of my eyes after surgery but before I got the filler and a picture of my eyes now after I got filler but like I said I am going to dissolve the filler soon. Please help me get my love band back so I will have 2 love bands again. Thank you.

A:T hank you for sending your pictures. Since you already have had a lower blepharoplasty procedure injecting fat is less likely to be successful due to the scar. It would be more effective to use the scar that exists and lay a thin piece of Alloderm graft to recreate the love band.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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