How Can I Reduce My One Larger Calf?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have one calf that is extremely lager than the other, I always had nice legs and nice calves, I dont have bulging veins, but because I am very fair in complexion, my veins were very visible, so i had the vein injected by a podiatrist . ever since that my left calf has progressively gotten bigger. Please let me know if I can get plastic surgery to reduce this calf as to me it is unsightly, so much i dont want to wear a dress. Help!!!!

A: The first question is how long ago was the vein injected and why did it become bigger after. Calf enlargement is not an expected outcome from sclerotherapy, unless has developed a deep vein thrombosis. If the injection was done recently and you have pain in that calf, then I would recommend that you have it evaluated with an ultrasound to make sure you have not developed a DVT.

From a calf reduction standpoint, there are only two approaches. Either reduce the fat around the calf via small cannula liposuction or muscle reduction. Muscle reduction can be done by Botox injections or denervation but there are considerable costs and some surgical risks with either approach. Liposuction contouring is the simplest and whether that would be effective depends on how much subcutaneous fat exists around the calf area. At a minimum I at least need to see a picture of calfs to determine if that is possible.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana