How Can I Protect My Nose in Back of Head Skull Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Epple, Hi doctor , thank you for your work!! What happened to me was that in my younger years I experienced a traumatic event . Now as an adult I’m still living with past trauma from my past . I’m highly self conscious of my head , in the back right side , as a result of that incident . I will send the pics and was wondering if I can correct that because it’s really hurting my life. Also , I’m self conscious of my nose and was terrified and concerned that if I get work done on the back of my head , that my nose is going to get more deviated because of the nature of the procedure in the back of my head . Since I will be laying face down . Is that true ? And also am concerned of the final results and any visible scars . Please comment

A:When back of the head skull augmentations are done the patient is in the prone position. But to protect the nose from pressure the head is placed in a special padded donut head rest that keeps the nose from touching the operative table. This is classic periooperative pressure sore prevention.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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