How Can I Make The Lower Part Of My Face More Narrow?

Q: I am  Korean and I would like to have more of an oval face shape. My face seems too wide and I would like a narrower lower half of my face that looks less puffy and flabby. I am thinking that maybe jaw angle reduction nd facial liposuction would be what I need. Here are some pictures for you to see what my face looks like.

A: Thank you for sending your pictures. It appears that your desire is to narrow the lower third of your face, which is most affected by the shape of your jaw located at the angle area. The consideration of a jaw angle reduction is reasonable, it is a question of how much reduction can it achieve. That question is best answered by knowing how much the bony jaw angle is actually contributing to the fullness in that area. While it clearly makes some contribution, particularly with your ethnicity, the question is whether it is enough to make it worthy of reducing it. That question can be answered by a simple dental films, a panorex and a lateral cephalometric x-ray. They will show the exact amount of flare at the angle as well as the thickness of the bone. That information is crucial in determining whether jaw angle reduction can be justified.

Facial liposuction will make but a very minor contribution to any facial narrowing effect. I can see in your pictures the value of submental/neck and lateral facial liposuction as a possible complement to jaw angle narrowing.

From a loose flabby skin standpoint, only some type of skin tightening procedure (e.g., jowl tuck-up) would be of benefit and you seem too young for that effort at this time.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana