How Can I Make My Chin Less Long And Stick Out More?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a long chin that goes straight down as apposed to sticking out a little bit. I would like to have my chin shaved down so it’s shorter and somehow have it stick out instead of going straight down. Another reason this problem is so severe is because I have an extreme-overjet, but I’m going to a dentist to try to find a solution to that problem. 

A: Based on your description of your aesthetic chin concerns and desires, what you actually need is a chin osteotomy (bony genioplasty) not a chin bony burring. A chin osteotomy removes 5 to 7mm of vertical  bony height AND can move the chin forward whatever number of millimeters is desired. This procedure gives you both a vertical chin reduction and horizontal chin projection. This is the only chin procedure that can make those changes, which sounds exactly like what you are looking for. If you send me a front and side picture, I can do some computer imaging to show you what those chin changes would be like.

In regards to your occlusal overjet, that dental bite problem may be a contributing factor to your horizontal chin shortness but does not affect the chin being too long. In looking at the one picture you have sent, I do not see any evidence that whatever overjet you have would represent a severe mandibular deficiency. You should have an orthodontic work-up but I do not think it likely that there is major orthognathic surgery in your future.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana