How Can I Make A Chin Implant Revision Have More Projection?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am seeking a chin implant revision. I had a Medpor extended large chin implant and I’m seeking for a revision. One reason I’m not satisfied is the sides are very wide and do not blend in my own jawline and I can feel the edges where it ends. Another reason I’m not satisfied is I want a square looking chin shape. I did tons of research and I found out that Terino style 2 has a square wide front looking but sides are not as long and thick as my medpor implant. That means I will get a square looking front but more blended and with thin side wings. But the only problem is the Terino style 2 doesn’t have big projections at all, the maximum is about 6 mm while my current one is 9mm projection and I at least need that much since my chin is very receded. What can I do? I want Terino style 2 square chin implant but with more projection.

A: This is a simple chin implant revision problem to solve. I call it the wafer technique or the stacking of a certain thickness of a wafer of material under the front part of the implant so it adds more horizontal projection. This could be done by using a section of the existing medpor implant cut down to fit behind the new one just in the front, a 3mm wafer will make the square chin implant equal your existing horizontal projection.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana