How Can I Improve The Shape of My Breasts That Already Have Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am 5’9” weigh 146 pounds and am a 36D. I had breast implants that were placed three years ago and were 500cc moderate silicone gel implants. Although I like the size, they look flat to me. My breasts are very wide and require a push up bra, otherwise they look flat in my shirt. They have given me reasonable cleavage but they are just so flat. What is the best way to improve their shape? What type of new implant do I need?

A: Moderate projection/profile implants have the  lowest projection and widest base of any of the breast implants. Because they are so wide, I actually never use in my breast augmentation patients. Changing breast implants to a more narrow base with higher projection seems logical. It would also be important to go up in volume somewhat so you get more outer and upward push of the breast mound. Therefore I would change to a high projection implant with a volume of 600ccs. This will provide more upper pole fullness and may even narrow your existing width somewhat. With your body frame, a 600cc implant would not be much bigger than your existing breasts…just more towards the shape you want.    

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana