How Can I Improve The Contour Of My Lower Face?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I feel like I have a good bone structure but my jawline and lower face shape is hidden by excess fat. Will a buccal lipectomy get rid of the fat above my jawline and chin or would it get rid of the fat below the hollows of my cheek bones? I ask this because I know this procedure can create a hollowed skeletal/meth-head look and having very high cheekbones, I know I may be prone to this effect. I am 20 years old.. Though this procedure is generally for older people, do you think it would benefit me by outlining the contours of my lower face? I would like an estimate and maybe an opinion on the procedure if you can spare one. Thank you for your time 🙂

A: When it comes to a buccal lipectomy, it is important that one distinguish what it can and can not do. It can reduce some fullness right below the cheekbone which you can locate by placing your thumb on the underside of the cheekbone. As you can see by doing this, that will not affect any fullness below it near the mouth or the jawline. This is an area that I commonly treat with small cannula liposuction to reduce the fullness in this area. This procedure has no risk of ‘overskeletonizing’ the face as it is subcutaneous fat removal and not one large lump or ball of fat like that of the buccal fat. (actually if done properly and in a subtotal fashion a buccal lipectomy will not make the face too hollow)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana