How Can I Improve My Wide Lower Facial Shape After Chin Implant Removal?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I would like to discuss the options for a chin revision. I had a chin augmentation in January 2021 and the removal of the implant in May of 2021. Since then my facial structure has changed significantly, which the lower part of my face becoming wide along with issues regarding my smile. Therefore I’m looking to see if liposuction/mini facelift are options to correct this issue? Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks so much! 

A:Thank you for sending your pictures. What has happened is rather classic from your chin implant surgery. Placement of the chin implant necessitated release of the overlying soft tissues. Once the implant was removed the soft tissues are never going to go back exactly to what they were before. Thus you went from a v-shaped chin to now a wider/flatter chin shape. There is not any way to directly manipulate the soft tissues of the chin to regain that appearance as it is a direct result of degloving of the soft tissues. While there may be some aesthetic benefits in your case to the options you mentioned (submental liposuction and a jowl-tuckup procedure (aka lower limited facelift) their effects would be to improve everything around the chin but I would not assume that will bring back completely the previous chin shape. It will definitely help, however, improve the wider lower facial shape.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon