How Can I Improve My Facial Asymmetry?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hello! I believe I have some facial asymmetry at my temporal lines at the sides of my head, as well as my jaw. I was wondering what advice you could give me as I am looking for ways to give my face a little more symmetry.

A: Like all facial asymmetries the best way to understand their basis is a 3D CT scan to know exactly how one side is skeletally different than the other as well as how to plan the surgical approach.

But looking at your temporal line asymmetry the question is whether the larger size needs to be reduced or the smaller side enlarged. That is a pure aesthetic choice.

As for the lower jaw that asymmetry is less obvious to me. Bit it should follow what is seen at the temporal lines…meaning the jaw should be bigger on the same side as that of the temporal lines. Similarly the question is should the bigger side be reduced or the same smaller sude enlarged. Unlike the bony temporal lines many patients with jaw asymmetry choose to just augment the entire jawline for an overall jaw enhancement.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon