How Can I Get This Type Of Jawline Structure?

Q: Dr. Eppley, here are photos of the jaw and chin structure I like and hope to accomplish. I have a hard time expressing what it is exactly I want, so these photos will be better at showing that – I like the soft “three point” heart shape/soft inverted triangle shape, with the defined yet soft jaw angles. I would say my main concerns are adding width to the sides and more of that soft inverted three point triangle shape like below:

A: The question is never whether a custom jawline implant is the best and most assured approach for the ideal jawline…because it always is. The real question is how close (or far away) would the aesthetic effect of standard implants create and whether the patient is willing to accept the increased risks of asymmetry. (due to three separate independently placed standard implants that are not connected)

In short if one throws out the economic differences between the two jawline augmentation methods one would never choose the use of standard implants. One chooses standard implants for pure economic reasons only. (which is a perfectly valid reason)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana