How Can I Get That Male Model Look?

Q: I have a few questions on creating the male model look which I have read about in a number of forums.  This will involve a number of procedures including cheek, chin, and jaw implants, facial liposuction, rhinoplasty, lipadvancement, and possibly a forehead and brow augmentation.  First, is it recommended to have all these procedures performed at the same time?  Second, is there a discount on the per procedure cost for having multiple procedures performed at the same time?

A: The male model look is about having a well defined or well chiseled look to the face. This specifically relates to facial features where the bony highlights of the face are prominent and ‘strong’. What it would take for any man’s face to achieve that look, or whether it is even possible, depends a lot on the anatomy and look of their face to start with. No everyone is going to need all the procedures that you have described. Some may just benefit from just a few of them in facial areas where they are deficient. Others may require a more complete number of available facial contouring procedures to get a better result. Each man’s face must be assessed on its own merits and must have a custom treatment plan. Some may just require a rhinoplasty and chin implant, others may require those as well as cheek and jaw angle implants and buccal fat extraction.

That being said, in the spirit of getting the best change possible, whatever procedures are deemed best should be done at the same time if possible. That is not only more efficient from a facial change and recovery standpoint but is more economically efficient as well. The main reason to ever stage such facial procedures is because of the cost or if one is uncertain as to whether a procedure(s) may be beneficial.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana