How Can I Get Rid Of This Scar/Bump On The Tip Of My Nose After Rhinoplasty

Q : Three years ago I had a nose job. The result was initially perfect. Then at six months after surgery, a mysterious bump appeared on the tip of my nose. The surgeon tried to remove it but that effort met with no success. Subsequently, I have had three minor surgeries to try and get improvement, and to make things worst, these surgeries left a scar on the tip of my nose. I wonder if you can help me.

A: The success of any rhinoplasty should not be fully judged for at least 6 months after surgery. Because the overlying skin must shrink back down to the structural framework of the nose (bone and cartilage), a process which can take up to a full year after surgery, the final shape and contours can take awhile to be fully revealed. Any irregularities of the bone and cartilage may not show themselves for a long time. In addition, reactions to sutures or any synthetic grafts used to reshape and contour the cartilages may not develop for many months after surgery. I have even seen a few cases where reactions to indwelling sutures did not appear for years.

The finding of a bump or irregularity on the tip of the nose indicates exactly that point. What initially looked good developed a bump later. The question that remains unknown is what was the cause of the bump? Was it a cartilage edge or irregularity or a reaction to a suture? If it persists, only re-entering the tip of the nose (revision rhinoplasty) and exploring it can answer that question. Some surgeons may attempt to treat the bump with injectable steroids but that approach is only helpful if the problem is excessive scar tissue or swelling.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana