How Can I Get Rid Of This Fat Mound on The Left Side of My Face?

Q: Dr. Eppley, To summarize briefly my concerns, I have a strange collection of subcutaneous fat on my left side, to the left of the modiolus. Several surgeons have examined it and ruled out buccal fat as the culprit. Most drs have said it’s very superficial descended tissue, due to the fact that I have a small facial skeleton, and because of this, a FL would give very temporary results.  I don’t have money for multiple facelifts, starting at 42, and don’t really need one otherwise. I have a similar lump on the right side, but it’s deeper, and pulling down my mouth corner. This lump probably couldn’t be excised as easily as the left, I’ve been told. So I am hoping to address the side that could be excised, so that I could have just one normal looking side. Currently I hide both sides of my face with my hair all day. To have one side free of cover would change my life.

A: I do not think there is much a mystery here as seems to be made of it. This is a classic perioral mound. While most people who have them occur on both sides of the face yours is more prominent on one side. Removal of this subcutaneous fat collection is done by small cannula liposuction through the inside of the corner of the mouth…not by open excision.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon