How Can I Get Rid Of My Witch’s Chin, Liposuction Didn’t Work?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I hope you can help me. I had lipouction for a witches chin with jowls removed; jowls on advice of plastic surgeon. Chin is uneven with a “fat pad” remaining. Plastic surgeon said he would “fill it in” and used Belotero. I look 10 yrs. older; I am 61. Could you look me up on Facebook and you will see the before and after photos. Plastic surgeon said he will not redo.  Have been to two other plastic surgeons for their advice; both said they would never have lipo’d the chin. What can you advise?  I can’t afford to keep getting filler and feel foolish and depressed over this.  Thank you for your valuable time and advice.
A: I will need to see some current pictures of your chin for my assessment, a front and side picture will suffice. (I don’t do Facebook) As a general statement, liposuction of the chin is not a good technique, will not correct and witch’s chin and usually will leave it uneven or bumpy…often worse than where the patient started. The preferred treatment of a witch’s chin deformity is a submental tuck-up where the overhang is removed and tucked under the chin. A witch’s chin problem is the full thickness of tissues that do not have bony support. It is not an isolated fat problem which is amenable to liposuction.

Dr. Barry Eppley