How Can I Get Rid Of My Prominent Forehead Horns?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am a 30 year old male with very pronounced frontal eminences and temporal fossa. I’m guessing that I’ve always had these cranial features and that they have only become prominent as I’ve aged due to fat pad loss and a receding hairline. Although, given my age I’m surprised that these features have become so prominent so quickly and I am slightly concerned it could be due to an endocrine issue (e.g., pituitary tumor). Aside from potential health issues, I was hoping to get an expert opinion on what options I might have to address this cosmetic issue. Would filler help reduce the appearance of these features or would I need surgery? Thanks for your time! You do incredible work! 

A:You have classic prominent frontal eminences (aka forehead horns)which are congenital not due to an underlying endocrine disorder. The treatment options are to either fill around the eminences by building up the lower forehead areas (fillers vs surgical augmentation) or to have the forehead eminences reduced. (surgery) When in doubt about surgery one can always try injectable fillers first.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana