How Can I Get Rid Of My Lower Eyelid Bags?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m 22 and I’ve had bags under my eyes for a long time. I believe in my case it’s hereditary. I’m tired of hiding my eyes behind my glasses. I would like to know about procedures( a little scared) and around how much it would cost.

A: Given that you are only 22 years old, any bags under your eyes is congenital herniated infraorbital fat. You are too young to have any excessive skin of the lower eyelids. This could be improved by a transconjunctival (through the lower eyelid) blepharoplasty procedure. By going inside the lower eyelid, bulging fat can be removed from the lower eyelid area without an external incision underneath the lashline. This is a procedure that has a very rapid recovery with minimal bruising and swelling afterwards. There is usually a little drainage from the eye area for a few days from the incision inside the lower eyelid. (the incisions are not closed as sutures would rub against the eye ball and risk a corneal abrasion) Patients report little to no pain after the procedure. The typical cost of the procedure would be around $3500 which would include all associated costs.

Dr. Barry Eppley