How Can I Get Rid Of My Large Overhanging Mons Pubis?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have had weight loss surgery and now need plastic surgery to reduce my mons pubis area. It is very large and sagging. It is uncomfortable and is creating self esteem and intimacy issues.

A: The reduction of a large mons pubis can be done by two techniques, either liposuction or a pubic lift. In some cases, both methods need to be done together.  Since you have had weight loss surgery, there is undoubtably a significant skin component to your mons as you have described it as sagging. This will require a significant lifting procedure which is essentially a reverse or inverted mini-tummy tuck. The skin resection is taken out from below and the mons is lifted up. This is in contrast to a traditional mini-tummy tuck where the skin is removed from the lower abdominal region and the remaining skin is moved downward or tucked. Whether the mons will also require liposuction depends on an examination. But my experience, even in the weight loss surgery patient, almost always needs to thin out the mons as well by fat removal. The other pertinent question is if you have a sagging mons from weight loss surgery do you have loose overhanging abdominal skin as well. This may also necessitate some form of a tummy tuck as well.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana