How Can I Get Rid Of My Double Chin?

Q: I have an inherited double chin that makes me look twice my 46 years of age. Can you make it disappear so I can look younger ??

A: A  ‘disappearing’ act is what we do a lot of in plastic surgery. Whether it be liposuction, chin implant, facelift…or some combination….it certainly can be made to ‘vanish.’ I know that your double chin makes you look older….but I doubt if it makes you look 92!

When patients refer to a ‘double chin’, this means there are at least two and sometimes three rolls of skin if you include the chin as one of the rolls. The double chin is often the result of the combination problem of a full neck and a short chin. In the younger patient, this can be improved by doing chin augmentation and neck liposuction at the same time. When you move two different things in opposite directions, the result becomes greater than when only one is done alone. In an older patient with more loose skin, this diametric action may require chin augmentation and a facelift to get the neck going back and up as the chin comes forward.

If the forward position of the chin is adequate, then the neck alone can be treated. Again, age and the amount of loose skin determines whether liposuction (good skin) or some version of facelift (bad skin) is needed.

Correction of a double chin is highly effective plastic surgery adventure and can make for a dramatic difference in one’s appearance.

Dr. Barry Eppley