How Can I Get Rid Of My Bra Strap Bulges By My Armpits?

Q: I have a small area of fullness on my chest that I just hate. There are bulges on both sides near my armpit that sticks out and it has always bothered me. While I am not fat and am actually fairly lean, this unusual fat bulge exists for not apparent reason. I can’t get rid of it by exercise and it does not fit the look of the rest of my chest. How can I get rid of these unsightly armpit bulges?

A:  Most of the time when one refers to ‘fat in or under the armpit’ , they are speaking of fullness at the top of the bra around the strap creating what is often called ‘axillary breasts’. Most of the time this is not true breast tissue but simply fat as it is sitting above the pectoralis muscle. This can be removed very effectively by liposuction. If the fullness is more towards the inner aspect of the armpit below the edge of the pectoralis muscle then it may be real breast tissue. This needs to be removed by direct excision with a resultant scar as opposed to liposuction.