How Can I Get Rid Of My Back and Underneath Breast Rolls?

Q: Hi. I know I might be young to ask, age 19, but I was wondering what you called a plastic surgery that takes care of love handles. But I am not talking about the hip handles. I have some pretty good handles right under my breasts that  wrap to my back. I believe it is some loose skin as I have managed to loose 25 pounds this past year. I am just wondering what you would call that specific body part and maybe an average of how much it would cost to fix it. Thanking you in advance for replying. From a  discouraged yound girl.

A: The important question is whether the rolls underneath your breast that extend into your back are skin, fat or a combination of both. With weight loss, most loose skin is going to develop and be seen lower due to gravity. That being said, I would have no doubt that it is a combination of loose skin and fat. Whether one is more predominant over the other would require an actual physical examination to make that distinction. But given your young age, I would recommend a liposuction procedure for fat reduction first and see how the skin adapts. The fat in the upper abdomen and the back is more fibrous in nature than lower abdominal fat and a liposuction technique, such as Smartlipo, will be more effective than traditional liposuction. There are methods of skin and fat removal by excision in the upper abdomen, which do leave lower breast fold scars, but they are usually reserved for more extreme cases of weight loss where the sagging skin is the predominant problem.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana