How Can I Get Rid Of Excess Tissue Inside My Cheek?

Q: Dr. Eppley, For years I’ve been bothered by the feeling of having some form of excess tissue inside my cheeks at the sides of my mouth. I’ve tried naturally losing weight, ultrasound skin tightening therapy, visiting an oral surgeon and investigating buccal fat pad removal, but all have either had no effect or have told me there’s nothing they can do. 

Given how much this bothers me (I find myself sucking on the tissue 24/7 trying to get it out of the way of my mouth), I’m desperate to find some resolution. 

I came across your site and read about Perioral mounds, and it seems as though this best fits my problem. I’ve attached some images highlighting the problem area, and was wondering whether I’d be a candidate for Perioral Mound micro-liposuction? 

Thanks in advance 

A: You have redundant mucosa in the inside of your cheeks which can be removed by a horizontal elliptical excision. (intraoral cheek reduction) While this will remove the intraoral issues that will probably not provide much improvement to the external appearance which is more consistent with perioral subcutaneous fat collections.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana