How Can I Get More Projection Than What My Current Chin Implant Provides?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hello! I’m curious about chin implants. I just got a anatomical implant in and it definitely helped with my projection, but I’d like it to be projected more. The doctor said we wouldn’t be able to do that since with the implants my face would get more oblong as well. Is this true? The angle of my mandible does go out and down, but is there a way to have the implant only provide lateral projection without it looking weird? How much would a custom implant be?

A:My answers to his questions are:

  1. It would be ill advised to provide comments on one’s prior surgery and any subsequent recommendations based on a description alone. I would need before and after pictures from your chin implant surgery as well as the operative note from that surgery to provide an informed opinion as to how to make further lower jaw augmentations that are in line with your goals.
  2. The advantage in custom implants is that you make an implant design any way it needs to be made to achieve the patient’s goals. The key is understanding what the patient’s goals are. That require computer imaging of current facial pictures.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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