How Can I Get Bicep Implants That Have A Feathered Edge?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Please could I have your thoughts on how to solve my bicep implant issues. proposed solution outlined below. 

1) Please see attached photos of my arms, I have had bicep implants (placed OVER the muscle but below the fascia)- As you can see the edge on the right arm is very visible and on the left arm the shape is clearly strange looking. 

I believe this is down to the re-shaping/molding of the implant not been done correctly, for example on the right arm the edge should have been feathered or filed down to make the thickness of the edge thin compared to the rest of the implant.

2) Please note the implant placed in the biceps was a large Implantech calf implant. I like the additional bulk added by this implant, I just wish the bottom edge wasn’t so visible. 

As you can see I have also uploaded photos of an old set of forearm implants I have removed, I have played around/tweaked one of them (hence the amateur style cuts I have made with scissors) 

What I have done is try to create a pattern so the implant DECREASES in thickness until the bottom edge, with the aim been to make the edge WAFER/PAPER THIN thereby making the edge of the implant barely visible when placed underneath the skin?

Please could you let me know your thoughts on this idea/proposal? Of course the cuts would need to be made cleanly and straight with professional surgical equipment as opposed to a pair of kitchen scissors. 

Many thanks.

A: When implants are used for body areas in which they are not designed (calf implant for a bicep) there are going to be some shape issues. When it comes to feather edging, which is real important in subfascial implants, it is very difficult to try and hand carve a feather edge. The material simply doesn’t allow for precise feather edging to be hand made. This is why for subfascial bicep implants it is better to either 1) custom make the desired implant shape and size, or b ) use a Contoured Carving Block (Implantech, CCB Style 3) which is actually a bicep implant that is called a different name which already has feather edging.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana