How Can I Get A Natural Breast Augmentation Result?

Q: I am interested in getting breast implants but only want to go up maybe one cup size. I don’t want anything drastic just a little change. I want the result to be completely natural looking and not fake. How can I be sure that will happen?

A: The concept of natural breasts can mean different things to different women. In general, however, what most women are referring to is a breast that is not disproportionate to their body and chest size and one that does not have a completely round shape. (too much upper pole fullness)

The most assured way to avoid an unnatural breast augmentation result is to have properly sized breast implants. In short, don’t get too big of an implant for your chest or the amount of breast skin that you have. The single best way to avoid that problem is to keep the diameter of the implant at or less than your own breast base diameter. Implants that are wider than your breast base will always look unnatural or too big. This may also mean to avoid a high profile implant which can have a tendency to look rounder after surgery, particularly if you have small breasts with tight skin to start.

Natural breasts are also those that don’t have palpable (able to feel) implant rippling. This is more of a concern with saline implants who have a greater tendency to develop implant rippling, which may also be able to be seen as well.

In summary, natural breast augmentation is best done by choosing a silicone gel implant that is slightly narrower than your breast base width. For many women this means that implants sizes will run between 250cc to 350cc.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana