How Can I Get A More Heart-Shaped Face?

Q: Dr. Eppley, i always wanted a more heart shaped, small chin and jaw, soft, youthful face instead of square or long. id love your opinion on how i could achieve that look and what seems like the biggest problems. id like to get filler/botox soon but im interested in surgery if it still feels needed. i was thinking jaw botox might be a good start. maybe temple and cheek filler? im 20, slim build

A: The single most important change you need to make your face more heart shaped is to vertically lengthen and narrow your chin. The lower third of your face is disproportionate to the upper two-thirds because your jaw is flat (near zero mandibular plane angle) with a vertically short chin and a wide jaw angle region. You can do filler and Botox in other areas but they will make little difference in changing the shape of your face as they don’t address the real problem. They may provide some minor benefit but the foundational change is that of the lower jaw….vertically lengthen the chin (vertical lengthening bony genioplasty…aka mini V line surgery) and jaw angle width reduction. (masseter muscle reduction by Botox or bony jaw angle and masseter muscle reduction by surgery)

Dr. Barry Eppley

World Renowned Plastic Surgeon