How Can I Get A More Chiseled Masculine Looking Face?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I like what I see, much more “chiseled” appearing. Would it be unnecessary to or insensible to increase the length of my chin to make it sort of protruding? I’ve always found that to be appealing/masculine. I know people get chin reductions to avoid that, but I’ve always liked that. If not, I feel that I see some flaw in my chin/jaw line that stands out to me. I’ve always wanted a stronger jaw/chin, maybe overly strong, beyond typical. Maybe it is my jaw? Would you recommend a possible jaw implant along with the rhinoplasty and chin implant? Do you think this would match my desired traits? I desire an angular sort of jaw, with a square appearing and strong chin, and my nose looks great after, but is there a way that it could be made that you couldn’t see the bottom of my nose? Its always made me self conscious that the bottom of my nose has been visible when i am looking at someone. I am sorry I’m asking so much, I just want to make sure that I am 100% pleased with the procedure and I want to get as much done at once as possible by the same person and you seem to know exactly what I want.

A: When it comes to vertical lengthening of the chin, that can not be done with an implant by more than few millilmeters. It would require a chin osteotomy or a custom chin implant to do that which, although can be done, adds to the cost of the procedure. I would just use a square chin implant of 9mms augmentation and position low on the chin bone so that is some degree of vertical lengthening. I believe that will more than suffice.

The trifecta of jaw angle implants and a chin augmentation are the best way to create a chiseled jawline. The key question in jaw angle implants is whether they should just be of the lateral augmentation type (just adds with to the jaw angle) or whether they should be of the vertical lengthening type with variable amounts of width addition. What most men who seek the chiseled jawline look need is the latter, some vertical lengthening and width addition to create a sharper and more defined jaw angle at the back of the jaw.

Your nose is slightly over rotated (tip up too high). The tip could be rotated downard to some degree using septal extension and tip only grafts during your rhinoplasty.

Dr. Barry Eppley