How Can I Fix My Cheek Sagging After Cheek Implant Removal?

Q: Dr. Eppley, After having my cheek implants removed, I feel like my mid-face is looser and less smooth. I think as thinking about getting co2 ablative laser to tighten it and hopefully help the tissues settle to how they were before. I think there is some sagging and my lower cheeks appear fuller, but I’m only two weeks after removal, so I assume I have to wait a few months to make a final judgement. I also want to get cheek and under eye fillers. 

1) how long do I have to wait to get ablative co2 and do you think it can help with tightening/settling the soft tissue? 

2) how long do I have to wait to get filler in the area? 

3) if I get filler and co2, should the co2 come first? 

Thank you

A: In removing cheek implants it is important to recognze that the tissues are very unlikely to ever return to exactly what they were before. If you recognize that cheek sagging is evident now aye this early point after their removal, now further healing time is not going to make sagging tissues snap back into place…those ligamentous attachments have been lost. While treating the outer skin by any form of laser will not hurt, that can not address the deeper cause of the sagging nor will a minor skin tightening effect make any change. Volumetric addition by injectable fillers  may provide some temporary lifting effect. Fillers should always be diet after laser treatments so the heat from the laser does not prematurely cause breakdown of the filler that lies underneath.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana