How Can I Fix My Saggy Flat Buttocks?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have read a lot of articles at your website and I was fascinated! I would like your first opinion , since I live far away. If we agree to a satisfying solution , I am thinking in coming .I send you photos and video as well.

My problem is saggy skin..I am 43 years old , 1.67 cm height and 53 kg weight. I do exercise a lot , but the skin is loose. I have not lost a lot of weight. My skin especially at buttocks is very saggy .

I am interested in buttock lift. I would like you to tell me your professional opinion. Which would be the best decision for me to make ? I understand that he upper lift does a better work at saggy skin but it has extended scars as I have seen and I fo not like that. Also , I have also saggy skin at the banana area below the butt, so I suppose it will not make any difference there. On the other hand , the lower buttock lift maybe combined with an implant could be another option. I am not sure though if that will make a significant difference at the saggy skin at the profile.

Also , I read a lot of future implications about implants – such as malpositions etc – and I am a bit afraid.. Are they safe? I am not interested in BBL , since I have done that 4 years ago. At that period I gained weight in purpose , in order to undergo the operation. I weighted 59 kg then. Now I am 53 and the result of the fat transfer has disappeared. I know that when – and if – I gain weight , my butt will be bigger.

I am so confused.  I would like to get rid of saggy skin , to have more round , lifted butt and NOT FLAT butt – due to the lift – I like projection as well – not extreme but more natural to the whole body.

I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible!

A: I think you have largely correctly summarized the options including their advantages and disadvantages. Saggy skin is always a challenge and you can not reduce/excised your way out of it nor can you augment with enough volume to fill your way out out it. It takes a combination approach of which the best choices are lower buttock lift and buttock augmentation with implants. (intramuscular implants don’t have many of the historic complications associated with buttock implants) Whether they should be performed together or separately can be debated, each way has its merits.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon