How Can I Fix My Sagging Chin Pad After Implant Removal?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hi, I had a chin implant with liposuction done a few years ago. I did not like the chin implant so I had it removed a year later. (I got pregnant so I had to wait until after pregnancy to have it removed) once I got it removed, I noticed my chin looked bigger and sagged. Especially when I smiled. Not only sag but just looks all weird and deformed. The same surgeon then went back in and tried to reattach the muscle to the bone and I don’t think it looks any different. I think my chin looks better when I smile if you’re looking from the left side but from my right side, it looks awful like here in the picture.

A:This is the classic soft tissue chin pad excess/ptosis that often occurs from chin implant removal. The chin pad never full shrinks back down and firmly reattaches like it was originally before the implant was placed. This requires a submental chin pad excision/tuck to improve.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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