How Can I Fix My Protruding Forehead?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I would like to consult about the treatment of my protruding forehead. I think my forehead is too prominent for Asian people, and it doesn’t match my facial features or my aesthetics.

The pictures below are my original picture and my desired look (with photoshopped forehead area) addition, my own hairline is not high, it is still appropriate, and I think it should not be a situation that requires a hairline shift down.

The situation I would like to ask is.

1. What kind of surgical option am I suitable for? Do I need to get staples or implants for this procedure (I am very concerned about this)?

2. What level of results can I expect to achieve? (compared to the picture I photoshopped)

3. What is the success rate of the surgery so far? Will there be subsequent growths? What are the after-effects?

A: In answer to your forehead reduction questions:

1) This is a bony reduction procedure so an implant is not needed.

2) I use small dissolvable sutures for incisional scalp closure NOT staples.

3) I believe your own imaging is 90% to 100% achievable.

4) Boney regrowth of the forehead convexity is not known to recur.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana