How Can I Fix My Coronal Dip Skull Deformity?

Q: Dr. Eppley, would like to ask about the large depression in the coronal suture between the frontal and parietal bones of the head. 

When I looked up this in English, I found a surprising number of images that matched my worries, and I was very interested in this medical institution that provides implant treatment to deal with those worries. 

My skull has a larger dent than the one I have in this hospital. 

If you shorten your hair, the dents will be noticeable. 

Also, something that I wear on my head, like a helmet, doesn’t fit my head well, and when I wear it, it quickly shifts. Since I was a kid, the shape of my head has been a big problem for me both physically and functionally. 

I was also looking for a medical procedure that could repair the dent. However, there are so few medical institutions in Japan that perform such surgery, so I couldn’t find the answer I was looking for in Japan. 

The dents are so big that I asked my parents if they had brain dysfunction as a kid and if the doctor had pointed out anything about it. .. But my parents said they had never been told by a doctor that they needed medical treatment. 

A: What you are describing is what I call the coronal dip skull deformity where a depression exists that runs across the top of the head along the coronal suture line….which is due to an actual depression with the bone around it being normal in size. This is what your first two pictures are showing and this is treated by a custom made skull implant that fits right over the coronal dip depression from side to side.

Your last two pictures, however, show a different type skull problem in which a pseudo coronal dip appears because the back of the head (parietal bones) has overgrown. This is a different skull shape problem.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana