How Can I Finance My Buttock Augmentation?

Q: Hi, I’m interested in getting a buttocks lift with the fat injection procedure. I am currently a student and therefore do not have a lot of money, I’ d like to know if you offer payment plan options and, if so, what would be an approximate monthly payment. Thank you.

A: Fat injections are one of the two options for buttock augmentation. Often referred to as a buttock lift or the Brazilian buttock lift, it ‘lifts’ the buttocks by adding volume and expanding the buttock skin. Probably calling it a lift is a bit of an exaggeration. It is really a buttock augmentation, any lifting is purely coincidental.

As for financing of any cosmetic procedure, there are few if any plastic surgeon’s and their practices that would directly do the financing. Many patient’s ask about whether we finance and it is an understandable question. But plastic surgeon’s are not experts in banking or lending and therefore do not do it directly. It is also not prudent to provide a non-returnable service upfront and then hope to be paid until completion later. For this reason, plastic surgeons use outside financing companies to which they refer their cosmetic patients. There are numerous ones and each plastic surgery practice has one or two that they have had good experience using. In my Indianapolis plastic surgery practice, we have used many over the years and currently use Care Credit. Once patients have the quote for surgery, they can go online and see if they qualify. They have many different financing options which allows patients to choose the length of the loan and their monthly payment.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana