How Can I Decide Between Two Chin Implant Sizes?

Q: I would like a normal chin size without cutting or moving bone. Just with a chin implant or injectables. is it possible? I´m not interested in a major surgery such a sliding genioplasty. It seems that I have overbite but my dentist says that my bite is ok and I don’t need any orthognatic procedure. I ´d like to have neck liposuction too. I have a little extra fat below my chin and round the neck. The truth is that I don´t want to go under a major surgery but I also want a stronger chin. Can I achieve this result? I want it to look like a good male chin and not weaker or like a girls´s chin. I have looked at different projections of chin implants and I think that an 8 mm implant would work. I think that an implant with some little liposuction would be ok. I want it to be bigger but maybe more than 8mms kwill make my chin to look like very big. Please tell me what you think?

A: When it comes to chin implant size, there is a fine balance between too much vs too little. For a male, the chin position should ideally be even with the most protrusive part of the lips when see in a side view. While this is a classic anthropometric measurement, and one that is historically espoused in the concept of male beauty, that does not mean it is the most ideal aesthetically for any individual. Some men prefer their chin to be stronger than this measurement suggests while others prefer it to be a little shorter. When trying to decide between two chin implants sizes of a few millimeters difference ask yourself this question…would I prefer to ‘error’ on the side of having the chin turn out to be a little too strong or a little too weak? Obviously you want it perfect but knowing that choice will help make the decision between those two implant sizes.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana