How Can I Correct My Midface Asymmetry Without Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have done a CT of my face and my Dr left me know that my right side of face is around 5 millimeters more retruded so the other side is 5 mm more forward. I know there are implants for that purpose but I want to try with own materials

So do you think it is possible to move forward the midface more than 5 mm including: FRONT OF ZYGOMA, MALAR AND CHEEK BONE up to around the nose and infraorbital area. This is my concern how much can be forward midface on one side but no jaws not necessary pnly face: front of  face : zygoma, infraorbital malar…( Augmentation)

How would you perform that please. Through osteotomy forwarding or in combine with bone grafts but remember please it is necessary for 5 or 6 milimeters augmentation for that i need to know how can be done this without implants.  

And please dear sir what you think is it possible to gain a very good symmetry with both sides through osteotomy and using bone grafts. 

You are very experienced surgeon and you may know how much symmetry can be achieved

Many thanks

A: The dimensions of the bony augmentations of the midface you seek are anterior and can not be done by any type of osteotomy.  (bone movement) Your only autologous option is onlay bone grafts which will not provide a smooth contour and will likely undergo some resorption…and perhaps even complete resorption over time.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana